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The rapid growth of the communications, power, computer, electronics, and oil industry in UAE requires a local academic infrastructure that can cater specialized human resources. These resources are needed for the management and maintenance of new technological innovations, and for involvement in the development and design of new products. 

The UAE University needs to maintain its leadership in technology locally and within the Arab world by offering graduate degrees in areas of rapid technological growth such as Electrical Engineering.  It will also strengthen its position as the principal provider of national human resources to the local industry and government organizations.

The success of any graduate program depends on various qualifying factors including:

  • The extent to which the program is accepted by the students on the merit of personal satisfaction and belief that it fulfills their expectations
  • The degree of endorsement by the local industry and other potential employers in the UAE
  • The correspondence of the study program infrastructure, curricula, teaching methods and learning materials to the actual needs of the UAE
  • The promotion of communication skills among the graduates
  • The promotion of creative thinking among the graduates
  • The interaction between the university and other UAE government organizations and companies
  • The extent to which it meets the national expectations
  • The readiness for accommodating the rapidly changing, electrical engineering technologies
  • The competitiveness with other study programs on national, regional and international scales
  • The efficiency of enhancing the understanding of applied sciences in a business context
  • The appreciation of team work among the graduates
  • The proficiency in English.
  • The computer skills and the appreciation of adopting up-to-date technologies and equipment among graduates.

The majority of the above-mentioned factors can serve as the graduate program outcomes that need to be effectively assessed and measured in order to ensure the targeted success.


The rationale behind the offering of graduate programs is to meet industry and market demands through the development of an advanced research environment. The program objectives are:

  • Provide graduates with a high level of analytical and applied skills necessary to actively participate in technology innovations in addition to maintaining the present ones in the UAE and abroad.
  • Promote the interaction between UAE University and the local industry. The industry is encouraged not only to actually participate in selecting the various courses and their contents but also to have an effective role in endorsing the research themes of the students especially those on study leave from the industry. Consequently, co-supervision from qualified scientists and researchers from the industry is encouraged.
  • Promote the creative thinking skills among graduates necessary for life-long learning.
  • Promote scientific research and development (R&D) activities.

The  research scope of EE graduate programs covers the areas of:

  • Communication Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Electronics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Control Systems
  • Renewable energy applications
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